Getting pics from Mac to iPhone camera roll?

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    Hi guys, looking to put about 2500 photo's/videos from my mac in to my camera roll of my iphone 5. I'm looking for a wired solution as i've used apps like photosync in the past and not found them that reliable, also it would take a looong time to do that many wirelessly.

    I've tried ifunbox but apparently it doesn't support putting files into the camera roll anymore. Anymore suggestions?
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    Jan 15, 2010
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    Click ipsychedelic's "Read On". Its a link to another page.
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    Sorry that didn't show up as a link earlier on my mac. Having had a quick read of that, basically what i'm trying to do is impossible without using photosync?
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    You could try SSH via USB.

    Of course there are "dumb" solutions like transferring them via iTunes (USB) but of course they won't get saved to camera roll and don't know if there is some kind of app that can pass from albums to camera roll in bulk.
    Another would be iPhoto+iCloud Photostream, but then no camera roll either, and in both this and the previous scenario, your photos would suffer quality issues.
    I think iPhoto lets you transfer 1 photo to camera roll at a time, don't know if know you could do it in bulk?

    Of course and this is where I get a bit annoying, I never understand that impelling need for people to use the camera roll as an album. It's supposed to be a placeholder for then importing to Mac/PC and so on... I don't really see the wonders of having stuff in there where you could just transfer to an album (plus what's the point anyway of filling an iPhone with 2500 photos? I could understand that on and iPad for a photographer and even then, 2500 photos is too much for a portfolio). Just my thoughts.
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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Apr 4, 2014
    There are several methods, but I use Dropbox ( ) to move and share files between Macs, Windows PCs, iPhones and iPads. It's very efficient and doesn't require plugging your iPhone in to sync. It also gives you access to files without using up storage space on your iPhone.
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    Photos mac to phone

    I am no techie, but..
    Connect phone to mac with USB
    Click photos. See all photos on mac
    Select what you want to move...apply or sync


    Start iTunes first.


    Start iTunes first.


    Start iTunes first.
    Select iPhone in sidebar when visible.
  9. Tybee macrumors member


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    This right here... This app solved a problem that has been gnawing at the back of my brain for several months, namely that through a series of unfortunate events, my wife's iPhone got factory reset (twice) and her iCloud backup got corrupted. I had an older iTunes backup that I was able to salvage most of her camera roll from, but had no idea if it was possible or how to get photos back into her camera roll with metadata/proper date, which is what she wanted. This app accomplishes that. Thank you!!!
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    Sep 21, 2013
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    You came on this board just to post this one thing?
    Hello, Dropbox Team. Hope you update your app to iPhone 6 Plus soon.


    Why does it need to be the camera roll?
    I sync iPhoto Events via iTunes and I can sync them just fine and every app on iPhone can access the photos, e.g. Photoshop or iMovie.
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    Vancouver, BC
    This is in my opinion why iOS lags.
    It's a dumb operating system with no real file management system

    I imported all my videos into my mac. i accidentally deleted them after the import.
    i want them back in the camera roll.
    why? so i can then share them on using my phone - youtube, or upload a snippet on instagram or facebook for example. or maybe email them to my family and friends.

    I can no longer do that.

    the iPhone/iPad is not a real computer because of that.

    Instead they keep trying to push us with this cloud crap thats super incompatible and noone in the world has a big enough data plan and a super-provider to really rely on that.
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    Nov 14, 2014
    Coyote, CA
    Yes, you can. They don't need to be in Camera Roll for that, they just need to be available to you from your iPhone. If you want them resident on your iPhone so that you don't have to download them, you could sync them back through iTunes. You could also upload them to a Shared Photo Stream, and once you open them on your iPhone they are resident on the iPhone and don't need to be re-downloaded (open them while on Wi-Fi, just once, if you're concerned about bandwidth).
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    If you have an app that won't let you upload pictures from outside of your Camera Roll (i.e. won't let you upload from your Albums, which is where synced photos/videos go), that's a limitation of that particular app -- not iOS.

    I regularly attach pictures/videos that aren't in my Camera Roll using the stock Messages and Email apps, as well as Twitter and a few other apps.

    Notably, the Facebook app restricts you to Camera Roll. Not knowing why they decided to do it that way, it seems like a really dumb decision on their part.

    For me, the only thing that goes in Camera Roll is new stuff. Every so often I sync with my Mac, which grabs everything from Camera Roll. If I was able to put old stuff back into Camera Roll, that then makes a tedious process of having to pick and choose what I want sync'ed to my Mac every time I sync. Boo on that.
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    Jan 28, 2008
    Vancouver, BC

    Here's my situation.

    A friend of mine was playing a gig which I filmed using my fancy new iPhone 6...
    It looked great but I wanted to see it on my computer screen. So I used iPhoto to download it onto my computer. At the end, it asks me if I want to delete the original photo. Well... why the heck not.

    So I did.

    Turns out my friend now wants these videos too, and her computer struggled to play the videos (when I transferred them by USB stick).

    So I thought to get it back to my phone, so I could airdrop it to her iPhone (I don't have a newer mac with bluetooth 4.0).But then I can't bring the videos back to the camera roll!

    HOW do I do that???

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Also, just a general question:

    there are often times when I need to attach a PDF file, an excel file and a word file on an email. I can't do that on iOS... can I??
  16. aristobrat macrumors G5

    Oct 14, 2005
    Put the video (and anything else you want to copy back to your phone) in an Album in iPhoto, and then tell iTunes to sync that Album to your phone. This puts the video back on your phone, except that it's now located in that Album instead of Camera Roll.

    To send it to your friend, go into the Photos app, open the Album that your video is in, hit the Share button, and then select AirDrop.

    AFAIK, the stock will let you do multiple attachments if they're videos or photos, but if they're other things, you need to use an helper app.

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