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    I have an older version of an app on an old jailbroken ipad. All my newer ipads have the new version of the app on them, but I would like to downgrade to the old version on all my new ipads. I tried app admin, and no other versions of the app are available. It's kind of an obscure app. Is there anyway I can get the ipa file from the old version of the app installed on my old ipad so that I can install it on the new ones?

    Also, I meant ipa in the thread title, not pkg.
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    I did this to transfer an app that was no longer available in the app store. Use iTunes to sync the iPad, but make sure you're not logged into iTunes on the computer. Once you sync and transfer all the apps to the computer, you'll have the old ipa there. Now delete the app from your new devices and you can sync it to them from iTunes
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    If it's not a popular app, you won't see it on the prepopulated list to downgrade. You'll have to dig into the iTunesMetadata.plist and manually enter one of those 7 digit numbers under the softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers key

    The list of app versions that show up are a result of someone else entering the 7 digit identifier number
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    maybe using something like ifunbox or imazing

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