Getting printers to work.


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Feb 28, 2007
I just got pages and I really liked better than MS Word. I would really like to print out of my mac but my printers came with the PC's in my house. Is there anyways I could make these printers work with macs. One is a Dell AIO 926 (Dell All-In-One 926) and a Lexmark X6150. They dont work when I plug them in. Is there any website that supplies drivers for them like those linux sites. I already checked the official websites of dell and lexmark.


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May 1, 2005
Hm... I know you probably already checked, but when you go to print, did you select the right printers from the drop-down menu? :eek:

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May 16, 2007
yes i did. and they're not even in the list when i use the printer and fax utility thing
The best thing to do is contact both Dell and Lexmark either by phone or email and ask them it the printers work on your system.
I had to contact Hp for a LaserJet 1020 to see if it was Mac friendly, sad to say that NO it's not. but the All-in-one 1350 is Mac friendly. You can also check both websites to see if they have the download able drivers for the Mac, I was able t o get the drivers from Hp's site without having to shell out the extra $$ for a CD that will get thrown out eventually.

In case your printers are Mac friendly and both sites don't have the drivers then there might be a system failure :( when trying to print. in this case......I seriously think you might need to service your Mac. Other than that your Mac should be able to recognize your printers with out any problems!