Getting RAW photos directly out of Photos and into LightRoom?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Gmouse, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Is there a way to get LightRoom (latest Creative Cloud version) to "see" Photos on iMac running Sierra, so that I can just grab the photos? Right now, I am using the Manual app to show photos and that gives me both JPG and RAW (.DNG file) in Photos...but the only way I found to get them into LightRoom was to export them, then import them into LightRoom...which is kinda stupid.

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    If you want to reference the originals in Lightroom without exporting / importing, the easiest way is to add the Photos master folder to Lightroom as a folder:

    1) open your pictures folder in finder, right click on the Photos library and select "View Package Contents". Keep this window open

    2) In Lightroom, select the add folder option

    3) Drag the Masters folder from the finder window opened in 1) onto the selection window that pops up in step 2)

    This will then add the masters folder to lightroom and all your Photos pictures will appear in Lightroom

    Be aware that if you have optimise storage on for your photos library, they may get removed from the disk at any time so it's best to use the "download originals" option in Photos

    Also, you'll need to resync the folder in Lightroom whenever new pictures are added to Photos to see the changes in Lightroom

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