Getting ready for a blizzard

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jer446, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Here in new jersey we are getting ready for a big snow storm tomorrow, about 18 inches! I figure it is a great opportunity to take pictures with my brand new Canon T1i. So does anyone have any tips for shooting during the snow storm and then after?

    Also, any suggestions on subjects? I most likely won't be able to leave my house once it starts, so I will be taking most of my photographs through the windows of my house.

    Also, if you have any pictures of snow storms that you've taken, please post them!
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    the cold dark north
    Capturing a snow storm through the windows is difficult at best. You face limiting field of view, possibly bluriness, reflections if its darker outside etc.
    Of course you don't want to take your new toy outside but it might help.
    NExt capturing a snow storm is difficult because it just creates white clouds.
    For shutter speeds you want to either keep it at 1/60th of a sec since that is the speed that captures some movement. Next you want to expose with +0.3 or 0.7 EVs because otherwise you snow becomes grey.

    I would say, wait until after...then leave the house through unconventional exits and shoot undisturbed snow surfaces. While not a snow storm, the following was shot on a really cold and very windy day with snow blowing all around and sunshine...
    hope this helps..

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    SE Michigan
    Take 10 pictures, 5 wide x 2 high and make a 180 deg wide panorama.
    For the Sunday Dec 12th storm that hit SE Michigan I used the 15-85 mm @ 15mm, ISO 100, f3.5, 1/800 sec, stitched in CS5.
    Yea, wished I took them on the other side of the basketball sticks out...I might try that content aware brush to remove it and re-stitch it later....did it on the fly as the snow was coming down hard.
    I did minor PP on each individual frame to get the exposures close, 1st time thru I did not and CS5 had a hard time blending the edges together.

    pre-dawn shot with the morning light

    The pine needle shot....

    The church shot....

    or damage as a result of the storm......stone got kicked up by car in front of me accelerating in slippery snow, and 2 minutes later as driving home from church a big loud CRACK appeared in our windshield right before my eyes....:(

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