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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by froll, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. froll macrumors member

    Nov 28, 2008
    Hello all. I am a PC user (please don't flame me) but am getting ready to make the leap into a MBA which will be my travel laptop. Are there any resources that anyone can recommend on co-existing between PC and Mac. I'm told its no big deal to transfer files like Word, Excel and the like between the two, but quite frankly I'm a little nervous as this is my first venture into Apple. But the MBA just blew me away and now I'm pretty psyched. I've been lurking here a while and have learned a lot but need to get comfortable existing in 2 different worlds. Thanks
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Okie land
    If you want info straight from the source spend some time on Apple's website. They have a lot of info for switchers. Here's a link to help.
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    I'd suggest looking through Apple's websites too as they have plenty of information. You really have nothing to worry about since even if your Mac doesn't natively support the file there likely is software that can support it. I haven't run into a problem at going between systems. Just watch those videos to get used to OS X and you should be fine.
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    I think you'll be surprised, once you learn the basics of the OS (apps are in the app folder, the top bar is different from windows, etc) You'll be surprised at how similar most things are.

    MS Office is the same (essentially, but I prefer the Mac version except theres not Access)
    Firefox is the same (Although Safari is great)
    iTunes... yeah
    VLC... ditto
    iChat/Adium are both great for chatting w/ AIM or anything w/ Adium
    VMware if you need windows, and I run it quite often and it runs very smoothly for me

    I doubt you'll really have many issues, I'd say go to a mac store or have a mac friend give you a little walk through to learn all the cool little features such as Spaces, Expose (I think Spaces kind of replaces this), all the nice little shortcuts and gestures, dashboard etc. All these little things will make you more productive!

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