Getting ready to UG to IOS5 - What I gotta do?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by XweAponX, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Ive backed up all my apps, bought and otherwise obtained. I'm expecting to lose those apps, I'm not worried about it, I'll just buy the ones I think I need. The only problem is, I have database files related to those apps. I have iFile so I can move the DBs onto my hard drive and I can just reinstall iFile after I UG and Jailbreak... So I'm not worried about losing anything.

    I've backed up my Winterboard Themes - The ones I want can be re-downloaded, but I saved em all on my HD anyway and I know how to re-create them, I know where the Themes folder resides- Unless IOS5 changes the directory structure.

    This is what I want to know, I created a Theme that turned my iPhone into a Trek "PADD" (those lil things they always walked around with to carry data) - I changed all the sounds to the best sounds I could find, and I got all those and all the graphics saved. I THINK I'll be able to recreate the theme, but just in case, I have the names copied down so I can DL em again.

    I've got Videos and Music files and Photo Projex that I created with various programs, some of em I'll lose when I UG. I AM in the process of Itemising the stuff and backing it all up. I need to know - Will this stuff all get lost when I UG and lose access to the App? Or will it still reside on the phone?

    Basically it comes down to: Do I REALLY NEED IOS5, cos my Jailbreak and configuration already does a lot of what the new features do. Ive ALREADY got a cloud thing happening. An I have total access to my SBS settings, I can stop rotation in the blink of an eye, or turn it on. I can respiring at ANY time. I can shut off my WiFi OR my 3G. I got any lockscreen/Theme combo I want. The question is, does IOS5 give the device the ability to do 4G? And will I be able to install aminated Boot Screens? :(

    I guess I'm just worried, cos I have it set up exactly how I like it. I don't wanna lose my config. Its the same thing as when I have to wipe a PC or MAC or UbuntU hard drive and reinstall the OS - I hate doin it, but sumptimes ya gotta do it! :/ :\

    So, I got myself backed up - Check.
    I got my Themes bookmarked and Saved - Check
    I got my Data ready to copy from the device - Check

    Anything else?

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    Apple isn't signing 5.0 anymore you will need to have a shsh blob to do so... other then that if you want to upgrade it's up to you. person;y I'm happy I upgraded.

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