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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by 6825924, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Aug 13, 2012

    A couple of months back, Apple allowed carriers in Belgium to send a carrier update to their costumers so they have the ability to use 4G.
    I am probably in the minority group, but I'm one of the costumers that doesn't want the update, so I cancelled it each time the notification popped up when connecting to iTunes.
    This, because I am not capable of seeing the difference between 3G and 4G.
    3G is, to me, speedy enough.
    I actually only use it when I browse or for something very urgent. Otherwise I had only the EDGE network turned on, so my battery would at least last a day.
    Now that I've updated my main driver to iOS 8, it updated automatically my carrier settings to 4G too. So now I can choose between 3G or 4G, yay battery life. Most of the time I turn my cellular data off and lose a lot of email and iMessage communication on the go.

    Is there any genius out there that has figgered out a bypass, without jailbreaking?
  2. apollo1444 macrumors 65816

    Jul 22, 2011
    4G and 3G use the same exact chip,

    you will actually save, and get much better battery life throughout your day with 4G LTE enabled because the radios take less time to pull up and receive data when woken up.

    3G wastes more battery life in real life because the radios take longer time to pull data from tower... sure it can be speedy it can download files fast, but PING times are slower which burns battery life because the radios are contacting tower for data

    When 4G LTE was originally deployed in my country it wasted more battery life because towers were scarce and the phone kept bouncing between 3G/4G for a solid connection, those problems are now all gone because most towers have been updated, same thing must apply in Belgium...

    and as a personal advice I wouldn't turn radios off like a battery life obsessive guy, turning radios off and on actually wastes battery because the phone needs to contact towers and engage connections. just use your phone as it intended to be used... give it a week on LTE, try it for yourself
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    Kansas, USA
    You should be able to turn off Enable LTE in settings. Although as the above poster mentioned, I'm not sure why you would want to.
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    Oct 10, 2005
    But here in our part of Ireland we can't even get 3G let alone 4G and if you enable 3G you're lucky if you get 1 bar of signal strength so I hate to think what 4G would be like.
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    Don't live like that. Leave it on full blast and stream some cat videos with the rest of us.
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    Aug 13, 2012
    Thank you guys for the input! The LTE/4G- and even the 3G coverage is embarrassing in Belgium. So while I'm on 'LTE', my phone is actually on 2G/EDGE but constantly looking for 3G/LTE. This is the reason why I want to get rid of it, for now. Thanks! God bless
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Well, it doesn't quite work like that. 3G and 4G (LTE) technologies are different, so some places can have bad coverage for one but possibly good for another.

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