getting rid of old desktop computer with big monitor. help !

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by adammusic, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. adammusic macrumors 6502


    Jun 6, 2007
    im getting rid of this old hp desktop computer i have. its got a cd burner and intel celeron d processor and a big huge old hunky monitor. no keyboard.

    tried listing it on ebay and undercharged for shipping. so i didnt ship it. itll cost like 150$ to ship it.

    i was just gonna go throw the monitor in the dumpster but read its bad for the environment.

    i found a site to donate but i think its too old too donate.

    what the hell can i do with it?

    trash it ?

    it still works and has windows xp on it but i dont have a disk to do a system restore on it.
  2. appledyl macrumors regular


    Apr 20, 2009
    You can give it to a computer waste company or a junkyard. Junkyards always take my monitors! heeheehee.
  3. Jason Beck macrumors 68000

    Jason Beck

    Oct 19, 2009
    Cedar City, Utah
    Give it to a charity, Catholic, Mormon, whatever. Some needy kid will get it for 50 bucks or less.
  4. fernandovalente macrumors 6502


    Aug 29, 2008
    Third world **** hole, I mean, Brazil
  5. solchitlins macrumors regular

    Nov 12, 2009
    Put it on craigslist.
    Maybe some student would like to throw Linux on it to mess around with.

    I did when I took a Linux class because I didn't want to mess with putting it on my pc.

    At worst put it in the free section as a free on the curb alert.

    for example
    " I put my old pc on the curb at xxxx, I will delete ad when it's gone"

    oh yeah almost forgot.
    zero out the harddrive, reformat it at-least. Who knows what personal information is on there.
  6. Zombie Acorn macrumors 65816

    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    I just go to the local recycling center, we just dumped 20 or so computers there last week.

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