Getting server port 993 timed out on .mac using Mail


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Sep 4, 2006
I have been having a problem with my .mac account for email since this morning. When I try to send or received email it says at port 993 timed out. I have never had any issues before and my fiancee who also has a mac and is on the home network is also having the same error msg. I go to and don't see any error msgs listed for I assumed at first it had to do with the Apple event this morning. Is anyone else having this problem? If not, is there anything wrong I could be doing to get this error msg?


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Jul 11, 2003
Can't get my .Mac mail through Entourage.

Works fine on web and iPhone. ;)

Your .Mac account will expire in 28 days. Bastards know what a hassle it is to change email addresses.