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    Great article for folks getting used to Siri:

    Getting started with Siri

    Electronic devices rarely come with an instruction book lately. It saves the manufacture money and increases traffic about their products on articles and message boards. So, if you got your hands on the new iPhone 4S how do you use Siri? The trail and error method? Here’s a quick breakdown of the basics of getting started.

    Set up Siri to know who you are. When Siri is first activated it doesn’t know your name, number, location or anything. To help Siri become a true personal assistant you need to tell it a few things:

    1. Start by getting your Contacts set up and add yourself as a Contact (your name and number). Then go to Setting > General > Siri > In Info and set yourself.

    2. For Contacts you want nicknames for (wife, girlfriend, brother, mom, work, etc) create a new field on their Contact page called “Nickname”. After doing this you can say “Call my wife” and Siri will confirm that Contact is your wife. Afterward Siri will never ask again.

    Understand what Siri can do. Because Siri is in BETA there are several functions it cannot perform. But, knowing what it can do allows you to utilize it effectively. Below are the list of programs Siri can interact with.

    Google Maps (to a degree)
    Yelp (to a degree)
    Email (to a degree)

    Notice the last three are noted with “to a degree”. Right now we don’t feel Siri has any real beneficial control over these three features. With Email it can only write messages, but it cannot read them. Google Maps does not have turn by turn directions, it only brings up the map. You still have to look at the map and figure the directions out. Yelp only shows locations, you still have to manually input everything after that.

    More at the link - Getting started with Siri

    Anyone else have tips? Please post!

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