Getting stuck when typing / Losing app focus?!


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Jun 28, 2007

There's something really weird happening since I installed Mojave (fresh install) last week. I will try to explain what it's going on:

1) I'm using Safari as an example, but it happens to all apps.
2) I switch the focus to another app (command + tab)
3) Then I switch back to Safari
4) I try to type something on a text field or even copy + paste something. It doesn't work and I hear the "Funk" alert sound (go to System Preferences > Sound and you can hear the sound I'm talking about).
5) Switch to another app and go back to Safari.
6) Now I can type again.

This happens MANY times during the day. It's extremely annoying and frustrating.

It feels like the current app (Safari in this example) is not the "focused" app, even though it is. I can still scroll the Safari page, select elements on the page, but if I try to use the keyboard, I get that sound. This is a fresh install and I haven't installed any app that could be causing this issue.

Has anybody seen this weird behavior before?



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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
I have that issue with the Enpass app, sometimes, when I first open it. It should default to the master password field but sometimes it doesn't and I have to "command-tab" twice to get it to accept typing if I don't want to touch the mouse.

But...I'm in Sierra.


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Sep 18, 2013
Same issue in Mojave here. I have the screen flash when the alert occurs, and it's annoying. Happens in most Mojave applications, such as Safari and Finder. Annoying. I suspect it's some kind of bug related with all the new security precautions, and with internal use and feedback by employees, Apple will fix it.
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