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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by cookb22, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Jun 20, 2008
    Hi everybody,

    I read a useful link about the new MacRumorsLive AJAX architecture here, which was great but did not answer one of my questions. The About article explains the distribution of data from the servers to clients, and my last remaining question regards the method used to distribute the data to the servers. I'm not familiar with WWDC, MacWorld or other conferences, so I do not know if there is wireless access available for somebody to use a notebook to directly update the database(s). I suppose also that you could use your cell phone's internet to do that as well. As you can tell I am not sure how the text/pic data is sent to the MacRumorsLive servers. If you have any insight into this process, then I look forward to reading your comments. MacRumorsLive seems to have perfected the near-live coverage proccess, so it would seem like a good idea to learn from them. Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.
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    I hope I follow you on this. The link above is for a systems overview on how the data is streamed. In terms of posting feeds (streams, links, pics, other content they permiss) for distribution to the public that's handled at with the submit link at the top and then there are two ways to contribute - via AIM and via a form submission provided. They administer the downlink streams.

    I could find no documention on an API for upstream providers or contributors but I suppose in the long run that would be an automated solution for them to consider.

    If I totally misunderstood ya, I apologize and its not you. I am reading and writing quickly as I'm about to go to lunch! heh. Cheers.


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