Getting the ATD just want to confirm something.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jdaniel, Oct 23, 2013.

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    So I decided not to wait and am getting a refurbished Thunderbolt Display.

    I just want to confirm something:

    I now connect my Samsung TV via the Kanexis or whatever that brand is, MDP to HDMI cable to my my 2012 MBP's thunderbolt port.

    When my ATD comes.. it has ONE thunderbolt port right? So my Samsung TV would connect to that no problems? What if down the road I get more TB enabled stuff? Like a external drive or something.. I know with TB enabled stuff I can daisychain but what about this minidisplayport? i would have to get another hub?

    I intend to use my mac in clamshell mode, do I have to open it up and turn it on if I shutdown? Logic would dictate that I would have to but maybe I am missing something. I rarely turn off my MBP because I am always downloading something but sometimes I do when I am out for an extended period and nothing is being done on the comp.

    What about overheating?

  2. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    Assuming you have the regular 2012 MacBook Pro...

    The Thunderbolt display has a Thunderbolt port on it, so you just connect the miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter to that to connect to your TV.

    Since there is only one port, if you buy more Thunderbolt devices the miniDisplayPort device would need to be the last device in the chain, so don't buy Thunderbolt drives that only have one port (make sure it has a port for daisy-chaining).

    To turn on your computer you need use the power button. What I do is I press the power button and quickly shut the lid, so it will only output to the external monitor. For shutdown you can use the option under the menu bar. Alternatively don't shutdown, only sleep your computer.

    Are you worried about overheating or the monitor or the computer? The monitor does get hot, but that's not an issue. The computer has a gap between the hinge and the exhaust port, so heat expulsion is not an issue either.
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    Lviv, Ukraine
    Yeah was worried about the mbp overheating while closed. i am using it opened now and its running at 53deg C. Which is a tad bit hotter than my last MBP from 2010.

    Yeah I am not sure about the daisy chaining, because it would be a mdp to HDMI.. I don't know if it would work even at the end of the daisy may only work directly...

    I wouldn't mind getting a hub, but none of the hubs are good right now.. the belkin one is soo bulky, the rest look like crap.. AND I hear that the Belkin one doesn't work off the ATD.. only works off the mac directly.. if you connect it to the display the audio ports and the usb ports dont work... which isnt a HUGE deal, but defeats most of the functions, and the ATD does have that split power/TB wire thing which would look messy if I have to connect it to a hub instead of the mbp..

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