Getting the Best Connection that I Can Get [XBOX 360]

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by RMD68, Nov 13, 2011.

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    My question is in regard to playing games such as MW3 that are heavily dependent on how much lag you experience. I want to know what I can do to get the least lag possible besides switching to FiOS, which is not an option because it isn't in my area.

    I will explain my gaming setup, so that we can troubleshoot any issues.

    Gaming Area [Living Room]

    -Panasonic ST60 (Custom Settings) connected to an Onkyo 605 receiver via HDMI.

    -XBOX 360 Elite (250GB) [Older Model/Non-Slim] with the older wireless adapter and a standard wireless controller.

    -Optimum Online Boost Plus carried over an Airport Extreme to the XBOX 360.

    I understand that there will always be a degree of lag issues within popular games such as MW3, but the amount of lag is incredibly important in these types of games. For example, I am not trying to whine about not being the best player, which I am not, but I have noticed that when I am playing some times I get downed almost too quickly. In other words, in a fair fight, I will shoot and drop quickly when it appears in real time that my opponent took me down real quick; however, when I watch the kill-cam, it shows that he shot for a long time and he shot me in low damage areas (i.e. not the upper body/head). I am in now way saying that there aren't very good players who can knock me out with a sick head shot, but many times that isn't what happens.

    How can I go about optimizing my set-up, so that I can experience as little lag as possible?

    -Can I change the TV settings?

    -Will getting a new receiver with a "game mode" help?

    -Does playing with a wired controller or a custom [legal] controller work better than the standard MS wireless controller?

    -Most importantly, how can I optimize my internet connection through my airport extreme?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help that I receive.
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    Honestly it's all server and internet connection, and generally it's just stuff you have to deal with. Often times, even with a good connection, servers just get overloaded and lag for new, popular games. Plus there are always bugs with a new game. A new TV/reciever really wouldn't do anything about lag either.
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    First, let me openly admit that I don't own anything more advanced than a Wii (and my MBP, which I do some light gaming on), and I'm not a networking genius or anything. The one thing I do have, is some experience.

    Obviously, wired will be fastest, but not an option so thats cool. You asked about the gaming router, and I think it would help. We used to have a router that gave priority to gaming traffic. I puttered around in some Counter Strike and Day of Defeat. My ping was pretty good using the 'gaming router.' That router died for some reason, and we got a new one without gaming priority. My ping took a massive hit, and made some things I used to play barely playable, if at all.

    All that is to say... It might help, but as alust2013 pointed out... Its connection issues with all connected parties, as well.
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    The best thing to do would be to replace your AEBS with a router that has some form of Quality of Service (usually "QoS") control. The AEBS doesn't, so you can't prioritize your gaming traffic.

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