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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jaynecobb, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but I'm hopeful someone can give me a good idea of what I should do.

    So believe it or not I have an iPod Touch and cell phone(its nothing special) both have started to act up in the last few weeks(its a 1st gen touch and I've had the phone for about 3 years).

    SO I think I'd like to make the jump to the iPhone. I am sorta struggling with the touch and my cellphone right now and am just annoyed with both. I'm trying to figure out when I might actually get the iPhone in my hand. I am sorta debating getting the iPhone 4 now, or waiting for the iPhone 5.

    This question goes out to those who have been through this process before. Let's say that just for the sake of picking a day Apple decides they announce the release date for the Iphone5 as Sept 20. (I realize this is a big topic of debate, but just hypothetically) Does that mean they release them on that date, or they ship them. WOuld I be able to have one in my hand on Sept 20? Or does this refer to the date is ships? Is it hard to get one the day it comes out?

    Long story short I guess what I am thinking about is that if its just a matter of waiting a month or so. I think I am smart to wait, but if I am unlikely to actually get a hold of one before December.....well I might need to think about going with the iPhone 4.

    Sorry for the long winded message but cheers to anyone with insight)
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    Depending how popular it is, you might get one on release day. Lines might be involved.
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    Get in line early/order online early and you can pretty much be guaranteed an iPhone on launch day. It's requires waiting in line though.

    Infact you can go to your local apple store and join the line now.
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    You should wait cause even if you dont like the ip5 you will most likely be able to purchase the 4 for a lower price then so its worth waiting a month or so

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