Getting TV show duplicates in itunes even though I'm only adding files once

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    Hi guys,

    When I'm adding mp4 files to my itunes library, I've been getting a lot of duplicates even though I'm only adding the file once. And as you can see, I get the same show listed twice, even though the files are the same.

    If I try to delete one of the shows listings, it'll delete the entire show or episodes (files) from another tv shows listings.

    Attached is a photo to show my problem.

    Please help!

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    Additional: Page Ins/Outs

    I remember reading on here somewhere that you can tell something about your system's health by reading into the page ins/outs on your ram. What can you tell me about mine?

    See attached.

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  3. AeroFan1, Jan 28, 2013
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    Please disregard. My fix was for tv show duplicates appearing on the iPhone

    After much frustration and a little experimenting, this fix worked to remove all duplicates on my iPhone 4s using iTunes v10.6.3.25 / iOS 5. Doesn't require any drastic measures and only took 2 minutes to accomplish!

    Note: I can't confirm this procedure works on iTunes v11.x

    Step 1) Connect iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
    Step 2) Navigate to your iTunes "Tv Show" library
    Step 3) Go to the iTunes taskbar and select "View", then select "as album list"
    Step 4) Go to TV show episode that appears as a duplicate on your iPhone
    Step 5) Click on the episodes title so it allows you to edit it. Remove the title and replace it with the name of the TV series it belongs to. For example: My duplicate was from an episode of the Simpsons. I changed the title name "Holidays of Future Passed" to the series name "The Simpsons"
    Step 6) Your duplicate should now reside in the correct season folder within iTunes
    Step 7) Sync then check your iPhone. You should be good to go!

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