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    I have completed te process to use the gevey sim ultra with the furious mod, i can get it working for about 2-3 min and then all of a sudden the phone tells me no sim, after that I have to reboot the phone again to get it to work, this happenes consistantly, I have uninstalled the furious mod and then reinstalled it, i even resored my phone to factory settings and still nothing works, it will only work for a few minutes, if i try to put airplane mode on and off it says invalid sim and will not work again until I reboot the phone, but then it will still only work for a few minutes and then say no sim again. If you could please help me i don't know whats happening. thanks.

    Btw im on 4.3.5 tethered. GSM ip4
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    And this is why Gevey Sim is a waste of money.
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    Btw it's not a waste of money I actually got it to work, you just can't use the automatic method on 4.3.5, you have to activate it manually, just incase anyone who had the same problem wanted some actual useful advice.
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    Can you help me out? I am also using encountering the same stuff. My iPhone is from UK. I amable to make calls but if others try to call me, it says number is not reachable. Did the same happened to you? I am using Gevey sim ultra on iPhone4(4.3.5 NOT jailbreaked).

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    Setting it up:

    Step 1: Remove your SIM card, by inserting a paper clip into the pinhole next to your SIM slot, and cut it to fit the tray that should come with the GEVEY package. Never cut into the circuitry.

    Step 2: Launch Cydia and add the following repository: Then locate the "FuriousMod" package and install it. After that’s done, a "No SIM card installed" error will pop up, that’s OK. Before proceeding, make sure your phone is turned off.

    Step 3: Place the GEVEY SIM on the tray, along with your own SIM on top of it. Make sure both cards are on the tray, then insert it back into your phone.

    Step 4: Power your phone back on and wait around 40 seconds for your signal to be detected. Ignore any errors and don’t interact with the device until your phone picks up the signal.

    Step 5: In order to get 3G, turn on Roaming Mode by going into Settings > General > Network and selecting "Data Roaming".

    You’re Done!

    try reading this and watch the video too:

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