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    hey guys, I'm on mountain lion 10.8.1 macbook retina ,for those who use this app , does it not work correctly when starting up your mac cold boot ? I mean it works when I restart my macbook retina, it would switch to either integrated or discrete depending if i'm running on battery or a/c..

    but if I boot up my computer, it doesn't automatically switch my graphics regardless if i'm on battery or a/c . Also, my macbook display won't sleep even after Ive set it to sleep 2 min idle and I can't manually put it to sleep either, it freezes. This only happens on cold boot..
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    Power source-based switching is broken and is being removed in the next gfxCardStatus update. You can download a beta here to try it out (which will probably be released with no significant changes):

    v2.3 has Notification Center support, and fixes some other various issues people were seeing.


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