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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Stacked, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Stacked macrumors regular

    Oct 9, 2012
    Hey all. So my iPhone 6 has been behaving strange lately. I would be using the phone normally and all of a sudden the phone starts going erratic and starts typing random letters in the Messages app and starts swapping between open apps.

    I did some research and found out its called "ghost touch". I have an appointment at the Genius Bar but I'm guessing I won't be able to reproduce the issue since its so sporadic. Has anyone had any luck with getting a repair/replacement for this issue even without having to reproduce the issue at your appointment ?
  2. Let My heart go macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2014
    Ghost touch

    Never have encountered with such problem. For me it looks like your phone have been exposed to liquid. Consequently, you better check indicators of water, because if they red you out of luck.
    In addition, is your phone jail broken? If answer is yes, then this is maybe only software issue.
  3. Stacked thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 9, 2012
    Never had my phone exposed to liquid and nope it's not jailbroken.
  4. Let My heart go macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2014
    Ghost touch

    And indicators of water have been checked?
    You think that your phone was not being exposed to water, though you may be wrong.
  5. eko91 macrumors regular

    Apr 3, 2015
    wipe the screen

    I feel like that has happened to me before... Usually that happened when I had a tiny water drop on the screen. If that is not the case, I am not sure. Maybe you can drive to shut off your phone and restart it.
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    Apr 14, 2015
    United Kingdom
  7. XTheLancerX macrumors 68000


    Aug 20, 2014
    NY, USA
    Might be a bad digitizer. See if you can get the phone swapped.
  8. Stacked thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 9, 2012
    Well update everyone. I took the phone to my Genius Bar appointment and at first she was saying its a software issue and I have a lot of apps crashing. Anyways, long story short after a few more questions and discussion she decided to replace the screen. She checked logs or something and said it's called false touch and could possibly be caused by a faulty digitizer.

    Only thing now is the top right of my display is a bit darker than the rest of the screen :( I honestly can't be bothered to take it back again. Just as long as the screen isn't acting crazy I guess I can live with it.
  9. TMacGuy macrumors member

    Apr 3, 2015
    I had this issue.

    One time it started I had another device right beside, took a video of it happening.

    Went to Apple Store and showed them video, they swapped without question.

    This was on an iPhone 6 Plus.

    Good luck

  10. T.j.p. macrumors newbie


    Sep 15, 2015
    There can be an issue where the digitizer cable gets shorted. They are very delicate. The repair that frequently works is to add a layer of Kapton tape where the flexible printed cable touches metal fram parts or might be crimped. Usually 1/4 inch / 6mm wide works well. It is a tough plastic tape that is very thin. Other tape may be too thick... That just stresses it more.
  11. TheGrateMan macrumors newbie


    Dec 29, 2016
    ***I FIXED MINE***

    I have been struggling with this (iPhone 6 phantom touches, and unresponsive screen) for a year. I knew it was some kind of hardware problem and I had figured out a way to bang the phone on a hard surface which would usually get it to work again for a little while.

    I am an engineer and wanted to open it up to see if I could see the source of the problem. I followed the procedure for replacing the screen of an iPhone 6 on you need an 0.8mm pentalobe driver and a plastic knife or something to pry with and a 000 Phillips head driver. I disconnected the 4 data connectors for the screen and then reseated them. This is tricky, but there are some tips on the iFixit site. Put everything back together, and no more phantom touches and no more random unresponsiveness.

    It is fiddly work, so you would want to be reasonably confident you can do it, and have a steady hand and good eyesight. Otherwise just take it to a place that replaces screens and ask them how much to re-seat the connectors. For someone skilled it is only a few minutes work, so shouldn't cost too much, and if you are struggling with phantom touches and unresponsive screens, it's worth a try. It fixed mine.

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