Giant Fighting Robots

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by LostLogik, May 19, 2009.

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Surprised nobody has said anything about this new one from Laminar, you know, the X-Plane people. Interesting little app, that got reviewed/slated (reviewed, ha!) by a kid on YouTube. He didn't like it cause he couldn't work out what the controls were and he kept getting beaten. Must admit, on the strength of his review I went and bought the app, just because it seemed the game needed an element of skill he obviously lacked.

    And yes, it is quite good. I say "quite" meaning it needs a little more but for the price it's not bad. You do need to think a little - do I want more power or shields, which weapon should I pick - that sort of thing. Also, the scenery is devoid of any scenery. It's just bare moonscape with absolutely nothing to breakup the monotony. But the controls and HUD are good. Tilt to steer and aim (remembering to aim off when firing missiles), throttle on the left vertical, pan on the lower horizontal, fire lower right, with weapon selection top right. If you get hit too much your HUD gives up the ghost, making it harder to do anything (guess like in "real' life).

    It's mission based, with each completed mission unlocking hte next, harder on, where you will be given better weapons and/or machinery. There is a multiplayer over wifi, but not knowing anyone on the same local network makes this a bit limited for me (and all such multiplayer games).

    Is it brilliant? No. Is it entertaining? Yes. I've not been a great fan of such games in the past but this one, for a couple of bucks is, for me at least, has been worth the spend.

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