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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Apr 17, 2008.

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    I need some ideas. My parents' anniversary (29th) is next month. Normally, I'd just get them some sort of gift, or a giftcard to a nice restaurant and call it a day. But this year we'll be on a cruise during their anniversary, and I want to take advantage of that and do something different than the usual. But I have no idea.....anything special cruise lines (it's Carnival, if that helps) offer for occasions like this? Something on board I could purchase. Pretty much anything I couldn't get them in Missouri......I know someone's thinking a bottle of champagne, but that's out, as my parents' don't really drink and any alcohol would likely end up being consumed by me :D Thanks
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    Didn't want to leave you hanging, so I just wanted to say that I'm certain that a big cruise company like Carnival would have a service, or someone who handles special requests, and can help you plan something special, whether it's during one of the dinners, or possibly even one of the shows on board the ship. It could be something as simple as a few banners hanging all over the place, and complimentary flowers to your parents. Who knows!
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    Have the Captain preside over renewal of their vows. :)
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    Buy them a digital camera to remember their trip or make a photo album of their trip, but that would have to be after they got back.
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    Go on the carnival web site. Look under gifts. Also, you could purchase facials, massages, body treatments. All of the photos taken by the ship photographers cost extra, so you could offer to buy some of those. Some ships even put together videos for you (for $$$$).

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