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Nov 28, 2010
France - between Ricard & Absinthe
It's interesting that once information gets around that one is a keen AppleMac collector, retired machines can seem to appear out of nowhere.
I had a call last week saying that a contemporary art centre in a nearby city were moving, and a clear-out of their store-room showed some "retired Mac machines" that were "going to be thrown out" and they'd heard through an assistant there (my wife's niece) that I might be interested.
The following day, I arrived to check out the goods, and feasted my eyes on two G3 iMacs that looked in exceptionally good condition. The person responsible helped me to load them into the car. As almost an afterthought, I asked if there were any related accessories, and a 5 minute search later a few keyboards and 'rodents' were recovered from boxes.
A few photos on arrival back home:

ImacGifts1.jpg iMacGifts2.jpg

Both iMacs were G3's with stock 500MHz/128K/20GB/CDRW. There were no power leads supplied, but I had what was required readily at hand. Both booted fine, the first to OS X 10.1. The second was running a 2007 version of Linux.......well running may an overstatement, as although it booted to Linux it was as slow as molasses, and struggled to load a pre-installed version of AppleWorks 6.1.2.
I then substituted the 128k Ram stick for a 512k stick, but on the subsequent boot attempt the iMac just gave a rude beep. Clearly it didn't like the flavour of the memory stick, although it was PC-100 3.3v 168pin SDRAM.
I re-inserted the original 128k Ram, and added another 128k of the same spec and make (Hynix) - which I've always had good results from. Boot was ok, but the almost non-performance from the Linux distro became obvious.
Not wishing to install the very early OS X 10.1 via firewire, I reformatted the drive of 'iMac2' and did a fresh install of OS X10.4 Tiger, then connected by ethernet updated the software to 10.4.11. Result: even with 256k Ram these 500GHz iMacs run Tiger pretty well.
Subsequently did the same 10.4.11 install on 'iMac1'- which I intend to keep as the screen image appears 'as-new'.
After robbing the optical drive to service a G4 Cube, I plan to donate 'iMac2' on a first come first served basis. Pick-up only, no shipment.
Mousetrap and trapped rodent to highest bidder.........;)
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Mar 24, 2010
Always good to see old iMacs saved from being thrown out! Hopefully the second iMac finds a good home. I have two Snow iMac G3s myself, otherwise I'd bite. ;)
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Feb 17, 2017
Well done. It’s nice to see these iMacs in good condition. I always found these later rev G3 iMacs to be super snappy with OS9. But I imagine the old HDDs and low RAM will cause Tiger some slowdowns.