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    Get ready for the Holidays with Gift HD! Gifts HD the most advanced Holiday buying gift tracking system.
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    ★ Gifts HD is designed for multiple users in mind, each profile created has his or her own gift list and a password so no one can see gifts you are planning on purchasing.
    ★ Add an unlimited amount of "People to Buy For" and for easy use it will grab names from your contact list if you wish.
    ★ Add a Budget for each "Person to Buy For" and see if your exceeding your limit in one easy screen.
    ★ Track Gift Purchased, Gift Mailed and Gift Wrapped for each person
    ★ Settings configurable to cross people / gifts off your list when a threshold has been met.
    ★ Countdown to Christmas and Chanukah - Both Configurable
    ★ Summary screen shows Total Gifts, Purchased Gifts, Gifts Left to Purchase, Gift Wrapped, Left to Wrap, Estimated Budget, Actual Cost and Cost Per Gift
    ★ TO DO list is a quick glance of who still needs gifts and what actions need to be preformed (Purchase, Mail, Wrap)
    ★ Built in calculator in App

    ★ Built in Web Browser built in the app - Browser automagically bring over your TO DO list so you can see what gifts you need to purchase.
    ★ Just tap on the TO DO list in the browser and it will go out and search Google Products for the best prices

    ★ Email the Summary and TO DO list off to your phone so you can see what you need to purchase and for who on the go!

    Screen Shots

    Customize when things get crossed off the list



    To Do List

    Buit in browser for shopping with your list carried over

    Enter the cost of the Gift

    Email Yourself your To Do List

    iTunes Link

    For a video demo -

    If there is any way that it can me better please contact me.

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