Gigabit ethernet adapter for MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by scissorband, May 17, 2012.

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    The Apple one that's 10/100 is kinda of slow and I'd like to transfer files faster within the LAN network.

    I can't use wireless because between my room and the mountain router, the entire wall seems to be a dead area. Once I step outside my door, the connection is full power, but back inside my room, it can barely connect to the router much less even load

    Is there any alternative for a wired solution that can be faster than 100Mbps? Can I possibly install a Gigabit Ethernet card inside the MBA?
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    No card, but several manufacturers sell USB adaptors that support gigabit. HOWEVER, USB 2.0 is slower than gigabit. So you'll end up with something probably about 2-3 times faster than 10/100. I know Belkin makes one, and there are some others as well. I haven't used any of them.
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    As stated, there are USB to ethernet devices out there that are gb, but due to the max of 480mbps of USB 2.0 found on the Macbook Air, the best you will get is maybe 300mps and not gb speeds (used on USB3 you theoretically could). Obviously your internet speeds won't be any faster since I bet your internet connection doesn't max out your 100mb connection, but internal transfers will at least about 2-3x faster. You will just need to make sure whatever you buy is compatible with OSX.
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    I'd grab the one on as that seems to be the fastest/cheapest option. There were issues with drives I recall (see the reviews on monoprice), but I think that's all sorted out.

    Again, won't be gigabit speeds since you're on USB, but a better ban for your buck than piecing together a Thunderbolt option.
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    Yeah- but what a dongle.

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