Gil Scott-Heron dead

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Peterkro, May 28, 2011.

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    Gil Scott Heron died on Friday,no cause yet but as he lived his life in the broadest way imaginable anything is possible.He had just returned from a European tour and had recently released a new album "I'm new here" to critical acclaim.Great poet,musician,author and Internationalist he'll be missed.

    "New York like Johannesburg
    Detroit like Johannesburg
    Freedom ain't nothing but a word
    Let me see your ID
    Let me see your ID"

    His father Gilbert was the first black player for Scottish side Celtic.
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    I've been listening to his stuff all day. Talented bloke.
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    Yea man, we lost an original.

    I have him on vinyl somewhere around here. Time to dig it out.

    Much of my vinyl cannot be obtained in any other form. A lot of jazz recorded in Oslo and even some rock. What I have to do is convert to something else. It's a long process but I'm getting it done eventually. Still have a couple of Yamaha direct drives hanging around. Will never get rid of them.

    There are certainly some T-tables out there to buy. Pick one up. There is something to say about sound quality for certain types of music material from vinyl.
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    Amen to that...and vinyl wow my folks got all theirs (and mine from when I was a kid) in boxes. They no longer have a record player though. Gotta rectify that sometime.

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