Give up unlimited plan for this deal?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mrholder, Mar 14, 2016.

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    My wife's iphone 5 died, and we can either get her a new one with Cspire and tack on $40 a month or so to our bill. We have 3 phones with them now with 2 of them on Unlimited everything plans from a few years ago. Or we can give up the two unlimited plans and go with Verizon's XXL shared plan (24gigs/month) and they have offered us 3 coupons of some sort for $200 off each iPhone 6s Plus 64g's. Is it worth giving up the unlimited plans for this deal? This would be our first foray into shared data and we're concerned about using too much, even though we haven't used over 20 gigs a month all together before.
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    My wife, my son, and I are on a shared plan and I think it's a rare thing when we combine to go over 1 Gb in a month.
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    I have 4 UL data lines with VZW and it'll be hard to give them up one day, but I do use two of the SIMs in iPads and tether with them (permitted in-plan). There's two items for you to consider, if I were you and given the timing of Apple's upcoming event in 7 days. The first one is just how much data do you use on those two lines? The second one is can she (and you) live for about a week without a cell phone?

    On my lines, sometimes I use about 2GBs per line but other months can go over 20 per line - I like the same billing per month and don't want to have to worry about my data bucket. I've also been using the billing backdoor to extend my contracts on each line so I'm still paying the lower $30 per month price, so there's that. Personally, I'm holding on to my UL data.

    Look at Cricket Wireless, specifically at the 32GB iPhone 5S - they're charging $250 out the door for it. I'll hazard a bet that Apple will do the same with the unlocked and unlocked CDMA versions, no contract required. The 5S is a sweet device - still - and your missus might just like that as much as a larger-screened device. My mom and I just got 6S handsets for ATTWS, and she's already wishing for a smaller handset - if the 5S drops to $250, that's what I'm getting her and selling her 6S. I'd rather have a paid-for 5S for my mom than the burden of a more-expensive handset that she barely takes advantage of...

    As for where to buy, regardless, consider a reseller like Best Buy or Car Toys - we went to the former for our ATTWS buy. Best Buy matched everything that VZW or ATTWS offered, plus adding in a $200 gift certificate (which I applied to two AC plans while in the store - BB resells AC now too). The GC, on top of the per-phone discount made it a no-brainer to not go to a corporate carrier store.
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    Thanks for the input all. We made the switch to Verizon. Too many incentives not to. Each of us jumped from a 5 up to a 6S Plus, and don't regret giving up the unlimited plans. Verizon has so many more devices to offer. Thanks again.

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