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    May 21, 2018
    First. Be aware that Apple does not manage this program. A company called Brightstar does.
    Allow me to layout the timeline for this process:

    I submitted the online form to trade-in my watch on Monday, May 7.

    I received the return packaging on Friday, May 11. (Mind you the company managing this feature is in Libertyville, Illinois, just 475 miles from my home in Tennessee.)

    I dropped the package off at the UPS store on Saturday, May 12.

    UPS picked it up on on Monday, May 14.

    I received an email from Brightstar on Friday, May 18 that they have accepted my watch and will send me a an Apple Store Gift Card by email.

    Today, wondering when I can expect the gift card I called their customer support line. The answer to my question was "3 - 5 business days. That does not include weekends or holidays."

    So, 14 days (so far.) Having sold a few cool Apple products on eBay with less hassle I know this is the last time I will engage with Apple's GiveBack program.
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    May 15, 2015
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    I’m attempting to trade in 2 old Apple Watches. I have a response on the first one — $0, because they said it would not power on. When it left my hands, it powered on just fine to the pairing dialog. All they would have to do is put it on a charger for 5 minutes and try it again, but they seem unable to manage that. I’m still waiting for a response on the other watch, but imagine it will be the same: the battery had run down because it’s been sitting there and they don’t know enough to put it on a charger! I’ll reject the revised offer and have them send both back, then try another trade in option. I don’t want to sell them privately because the batteries are quite run down, but they are fine for recycling purposes.
  3. dustyblueheron macrumors newbie


    May 15, 2015
    The 2nd watch that I sent Brightstar, a S0 Sport that was powering up to the pairing dialog when it left my hands, was rejected as “not powering up” the same as the S0 Stainless Steel watch that I also sent them. I am going to force them to send them back to me — maybe the scam is that they think most people will just let them keep the watches and not ask to have them back. Too bad — this was a good idea, but gets a big Failing grade for their ineptness with watches.

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