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Mar 12, 2012
I have ordered a new iPad, and eagerly await delivery on Friday. My current iPad2 will then very generously be donated to my wife, because she wants one. And let's face it, it wouldn't be any good if she had a new iPad, and I had an old one, now would it? So she gets the iPad2.

Okay, so I know how to tranfer my data via iCloud and also iTunes, and will do both on Thursday. I shall then erase all data and reset the iPad2 to its factory settings, so that it will be like a new one for Mrs MoikeT.

My question is this. I want her to continue with the Vodafone contract 3g data package that I currently have on the iPad2, so she will keep the sim that is currently in it. Should I first remove the sim from the iPad2 before I erase all data and settings, and then re-insert it afterwards, or should I just leave it in?

My thanks.

Night Spring

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Jul 17, 2008
Well, with the AT&T SIM, when I had to restore my iPad, I just kept it in, and it just kept on going after I restored without me having to do anything. I think it's reasonable to assume other carriers' SIM should work the same, but of course it's not guaranteed that that will be the case.