"Giving" someone my iTunes library?.....

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dealmaker, Mar 2, 2011.

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    "Giving" your iTunes library to someone else????
    My friend is moving to Australia soon - he isn't that tech savvy but uses a PC and he has an old small iPod Nano with about 10 albums on his iTunes account.

    I have bought an iTouch 4- 64gb to give him as a going away present - and I have synchd it to my iTunes library - so I have put hundred of albums, videos, movies and a load of purchased Apps onto the device.

    He can take it away and use it - however I assume that he will eventually need to plug it in to his own iTunes account (either because of a restore, a software upgrade, or maybe he just wants to load some different music onto it)

    So the question is - is there any way he can somehow dump ideally everything, but at the least the music onto his own PC and from there into his own ITunes account????

    Would be good if he was able to add stuff but not lose everything I've given him???

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    He can transfer the music from the iPod touch to his computer provided you have a free authorization for your iTunes account and don't mind giving him your iTunes account name and password.

    However, understand that this does not transfer ownership of the music to his account. If he right-clicks a song purchased by you and goes to Get Info, it will still show your iTunes account next to "Purchased By."

    The only way for him to add music without re-syncing and losing what you pre-loaded onto the iPod would be for you to enable manually managing music and videos from the Summary tab. To add music to the iPod, he'll need to drag items from his music library to the device through iTunes, and to remove items he'll highlight whatever he wants to take off it and hit the delete key on his keyboard.

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