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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by thatsmyfish, May 16, 2015.

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    Day 3 with my watch. The first day the battery died after 12 hours use, and yesterday I made it to 20 hours with about 5% remaining.

    I'm at 6 hours 52 minutes of use and the battery is at 78% with very minimal use, so that's an average of just over 3% an hour. I see people here getting better times but am told that's pretty decent. I refuse to turn off features I would otherwise use to get better battery life, since that defeats the purpose of getting the watch, but I am curious about glances versus receiving data on the watch face. If I receive updated weather on the watch face, does that drain the battery more than if I use the complication or the weather glance? Do glances continue to use battery power when not in use?
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    Huh? :confused:
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    I don't think glances work in the background. Maps glance, for example, doesn't update unless you swipe to it.

    If you have a complication it's constantly updated so I'd think the glance for a particular complication would likewise be updated.
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    That may be exactly what I'm talking about. I had weather in my watch face and the glance was always updated when I swiped to it, likely due to the watch face. I've cleared the watch face so hopefully that will be less of a draw.

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