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    Do third-party apps have to be especially adaptable to the Apple Watch in order to view them in Glances? Is there any way that I can transfer third-party apps to Glances or do they have to automatically appear as adaptable in the Apple Watch settings?
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    If 3ed party Apps offer Glances then they will be located in the Watch app under Glances. You must 'Include' them to see. I think most or all are on 'Include' by default and must be 'Do Not Include' to hide.
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    The developer has to offer a Glance for the app. In which case it shows up on the Watch app on your iPhone. You have to enable both Show App on Apple Watch and Show in Glances. They are not enabled by default. Not all Apple Watch apps include a Glance.
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    Yeah...I am still trying to work out how to make glances more useful. One thing that bugs the heck out of me is that you can swipe through your glances and get to the end, but you can't keep going and loop back around to the first glance. Nope. You have to swipe back the other way to get back to the first glance. I'm hoping this will be fixed in Watch OS2. I'm also hoping that third party app glances will perform better. Sometimes the wait for a glance to refresh data defeats the purpose. It also defeats the purpose if you have to swipe through several cards to get to the glance you want.

    I think the best way to use glances is to limit them to as few as possible based on: Is it information I actually need to browse in a glance? Is it information that changes throughout the day? Does it load reasonably fast? Does it provide the right amount of information in glance view? I may end up just taking it down to only the watch quick settings and the Music controls.

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    I agree with most of this: except for the looping around. I have two glances on either end for a reason: so that I can quickly get to them just by swiping a few times and I know it will stop on the one I want. Then I know which two are just inside of that as well... so it's usually easier to swipe all the way left real quick, then go one back to the right to get to my Music glance. I can do it almost without looking...

    Completely with you on needing to limit it though. Here are mine (in order)

    Settings, Music, Heart Rate, Dark Sky

    That's it.

    Settings is essential for Airplane mode, silencing, find iPhone. Music is critical while I'm working out. Dark Sky is the only 3rd party Glance that actually works... and it doubles as a convenient shortcut to the App itself.

    The only one I don't use much is Heart Rate. I do flip it open every now again, but for the most part I don't care unless I'm working out and then I can see it easily...
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    So far, I haven't gotten any of these improvements with the OS 2 beta... hopefully they come rather quickly after the public release.

    The ESPN glance exists solely to piss people off...

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