Glass displays, touchscreens, Snow Leopard and future products

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by i0Nic, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Hey guys. So the new macbook's have glass displays, exactly like the iMac. Another product has this type of display, the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple didn't have to have a glass display for these new macbooks, they could have easily designed them like the Macbook Air. So why did they do it?

    You can say Apple value form over function and did it for aesthetic reasons only. Or perhaps they care a lot about the environment, or moreso their reputation amongst the 'Environmentally Friendly' movement. However, cutting out matte screens is a big deal that Apple would realise would matter to a lot of people, there must be a more important reason for the glass display. They just introduced a cinema display with a glass screen too.

    Windows 7 comes out next year, it has multi-touch built in. HP have hired Frog Design, an amazing design company, to help them come up with an a new interface to introduce new touchscreen laptops and desktops next year. Asus will be introducing a touchscreen EEE PC in a few months. There is a movement starting for touchscreen based computers, and Windows 7 will dramatically ramp up that movement.

    Apple has pioneered a revolutionary touchscreen interface on the iPhone, they are surely well advanced in bringing this touch technology to Mac OS X.
    To have a touch screen product for finger touching, the screen needs a capacitive touch screen, with glass on the outside to prevent scratching ideally.

    I believe that in the next year or two, Apple will be bringing touchscreen computing across their entire product line. They are introducing glass screens now to get people used to the idea of having glass on their displays, and it's drawbacks (glare, glossy). There is no way they can sucessfully have a matte capacitive touchscreen that is strong and looks good, glass is the best way. If Apple were to keep the matte screens on this generation, and next design reiteration introduce glass, touchscreen based computing, sliding keyboard etc. Pro users would scratch their heads asking why is this a pro computer.

    They are gradually introducing these design changes as they know where their computers are headed, better to have a bit of pain now to save a lot of pain later. Snow Leopard, due middle of next year, may even have touchscreen capability built in. Macworld 09 is coming, could we see a demo of an 8" device running 'Mac' OS X with a touchscreen interface? I wouldn't be too surprised.

    Because of these thoughts, I am questioning my purchase of a new macbook as I really believe that end of next year or early 2010 we may see these touchscreen computers come to market (after the smaller 8" tablet devices debut and have had 8 months on the market).
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    I may be a dummy, but I really don't see the *huge* benefit of touchscreen computers. I totally get it in handheld and portable devices, but I just don't see the extreme needs when you have a keyboard and mouse. Maybe for the extremely computer illiterate who can't get a handle on the double-click versus right-click, but I think most of us on here really wouldn't have much use for it.

    Of course this all comes from a guy who owns Ford and GM stock (after my Delta stock tanked), so what do I know? :)

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