Glass Trackpad acting as if it is constantly held down


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Feb 17, 2009
Ok, so my MBP (listed in my signature) has been acting as if the trackpad was being held down, so text will highlight on a webpage and then as I move the mouse around it highlights other text like normal. However even if I click down on the trackpad, click or tap, it will still act like it is held down. Same thing happens when moving windows around and also box highlighting things in the finder (except when you clickdown the highlight box will disappear but as soon as you move the mouse on the trackpad it will start highlighting again).

I did drop my computer 2 months ago, it was in a protective sleeve and my heavily padded computer backpack, still dented with all the protection :mad:, it is dented on the corner as if you barely push the corner inward on the bottom so there is a slight gap between the battery door and the frame. However this didn't start happening until after i updated to 10.6.4 and the magic trackpad update, which activated inertial scrolling on my model.

Also this issue doesn't happen all the time, it happens randomly and it persists for a while, then randomly stops or I turn the computer off. In addition it doesn't happen if I use my Mighty Mouse but if it occurs and immediately use my mouse, the issue persists. I have tried everything, put the computer to sleep, repaired permissions, and excessive clicking, nothing works, I am wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if you have any ideas.



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Jun 21, 2010
Chicago, USA
Same here. Mid-2010 15" core i5. Very disappointed, as it's only a little over a month old and paid over $2k for it... Hope there's a fix soon.


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Aug 22, 2007
That's probably due to the "Tap Drag" feature being on in Trackpad Preferences. Just turn it off.
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