Glitches Ive Dealt with So Far in Leopard


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Oct 30, 2007

So let me start off my saying hello and thanks to all of the posters in macrumours forums...I am a long-time reader, first time poster.

In tiger, my experience was flawless. As a new windows deserter I loved the greener pastures of os x. I had no glitches and was one of the lucky new Imac owners without freezing issues. Btw I have a 24" 2.4 4gb Ram configuration.

So I recieved my UTD copy of leopard and did a clean install thinking that that would be the freshest method of upgrading to leopard. I did it and installation was quick and easy.

So glitches:

My dock keeps dissapearing randomly, I have been able to make it disappear on command by opening front row and then letting arabesque take over (by setting the screen saver to 1 minute) after i get out of front row my dock is missing and all the windows i had minimized on it have opened. I cannot killall dock in terminal because it says there are no matching processes. I either have to restart the computer or wait until it pops up randomly again.

iSight & Photobooth...if i remember correctly, in tiger if you had photo booth open wasnt the isight active no matter if the attention was on the photobooth window? in other words if you had photobooth open on the side and were browsing the web i could still see myself moving around in the photobooth in leopard the attention has to be on the photobooth window in order for it to this leads to a few glitches ive been having of the isight not turning on when photo booth is opened (the green light doesnt turn on) and its highly irritating cuz once that happens i have to restart the computer or isight will not work...

Networking with windows pc's seemed so much more seemless in tiger, in tiger all the pc's in my network just popped up without me really doing in tiger when i click on 'network' nothing happens...the only way to connect to a windows pc is for me to click 'connect to server' and type in the ip address of the computer preceeded with smb:// which is really annoiying....also networking in tiger was quick, in leopard it seems as if it takes forever to move around folders, and there are minor freezes when you turn on the coverflow view, it takes forever to load up the previews and pictures almost the point where the coverflow view is unusable

A2DP does not WORK!! (well) it pops in and out and fades out of use within 10 seconds of turning it on....i have a pair of freepulse wireless headphones that i used in tiger with the included dongle, i was excited to use the headphones with leopard without the dongle, since it was to support a2dp, but alas once its turned on, you can have audio for about 10 seconds, the audio is delayed and is muffled, i can make the connection drop just by turning on the volume and turning it down (the volume indicator clicks)....sad that my cell phone can power a2dp from across the room and my new Imac cannot with me sitting right infront of it

SORRY FOR THE LONG POST, but just wanted to put it all out there.....i dont have enough glitches for me to revert to tiger, but i am dissapointed with the craftmanship of leopard, i wish we werent so impatient and apple took a little longer to make a solid OS.....


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Feb 16, 2007
Well first off:

WELCOME to the greener pastures... Isn't it nice over here?


creating software is hard work, and testing it can be even harder. Its difficult to know of all of the situations in which the software runs. Tiger is great but remember that it had 10 updates to it. Give leopard an update or two and it will be much better im sure.

ANd you have to admit... must of the bugs you mentioned aren't that showstoping.

Just think... at least your not running vista.


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Feb 2, 2007
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regarding ichat and photobooth. that is a new feature! when either ichat or photobooth are not the active window the isight camera is halted until you select the window again. this saves processor cycles when you not even using the camera... seems pretty logical to me.

regarding windows networks. they should automatically show up under shared in the finder but my windows pc never did. ive found a fix. it turns out the leopard install renamed my windows workgroup back to the default "workgroup" so if its "mshome" or something else you have to change it back. go to system preferences->network->advanced->WINS and select your workgroup name it should be there.


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Mar 17, 2008
....go to system preferences->network->advanced->WINS and select your workgroup name it should be there.
I tried this but the setting is not held. As soon as I go back into the WINS preferences, the workgroup field is again blank. Like the above user this used to work for me in Tiger no problem.
And I can no longer see my Mac in the Workgroup computers on my PC.
Grateful for any help with this.

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