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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
Global TV in Canada has finally been added to tvOS. Even better, it has been added to the TV App as well.

Apart from CTV, all the major national broadcasters are now in the TV App, giving free access to most broadcast tv shows. SNL, Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert, Survivor, Big Brother, Timeless, NCIS and Will and Grace are some of the notable shows on Global.


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Sep 12, 2017
CTV will likely be a long time till it comes to the app store, Bell Media will do everything it can to stop this. Bell has been fighting online services, they won't bring HBO GO to Canada as they want it exclusive to TV providers packages, they won't offer TSN online like what Rogers offers... I personally void Bell products now, they have a dinosaur mentality.

We've come to a point where TV providers are no longer needed, apps can be added to AppleTV and other streamers, no need for buying or renting their PVRs or boxes. I have no issue paying for the programming I watch, I just want to pay for what I use without having to have cable boxes everywhere and attached to 2 years contracts with filler channels when an AppleTV does the same thing and much more.

It's great to have Global TV now on board
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