Glock 41 & 42


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Feb 13, 2010
Birmingham, AL
Any Gun nuts on the forum?

I'm a Springfield Guy and my everyday carry is a XD45 but i still like Glocks and was looking forward to seeing some new ones.

Kinda expected the 41 but long frame guns don't do it for me as i'm not a competition shooter.

I am however disappointed with the 42 being a .380 caliber. I understand why they did it to compete with the female market that love the .380's and other brands are very popular in that caliber are selling well. I was hoping for a .45 to fill the gap between the Glock 21 and 30.

What are you opinions on the new Glocks & what do you carry?



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Oct 27, 2009
Females will flock to the G42. Possible future best seller? I'm personally into Xd9s.


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Dec 30, 2008
Athens, GA
I waited to see what the Glock 42 was going to be before I purchased my most recent firearm. I didn't want a .380 so I got a Glock 19 instead


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Oct 27, 2009
As a guy, I like the G42. I used to carry a Walther PPK. Nice and compact was easy to carry in just about any conditions.
I once owned a S&W 36 which was about the same size. I'm looking to get another revolver soon. Probably the 442 solely based on looks.


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Jun 29, 2008
Glock 19 is a nice gun. I was personally torn between a G19, M&P 9C, XDM 3.8 9mm for that size range. Glock I think will inevidably enter the single stack 9mm race to compete with the XDS and M&P Shield.


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May 21, 2012
I'm a Glock guy through and through after living in the wilderness and dabbling in SIG's, HK, Glock's M&P, CZ and everything for years

My primary pistol is a G19, and I do find the 42 interesting in terms of size but the caliber is all wrong.

380 is not only expensive, but more scarce, with an inferior ammo type selection.

And it's a 380. Light and slow projectiles is a bad combination for a self defense scenario.

For now I personally would be better served with a springer XD-S or M&P Shield in 9mm for a pocket pistol...
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