Glossy vs. anti-glare (matte) screens? Pro's and Con's...

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Crunch, May 29, 2010.

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    I'd really like to get some opinions regarding this subject. I've never had a glossy display on any of my laptops or monitors, but now that I'm about to take the plunge and get one of the new 17" MacBook Pro's, as well as a 21.5" iMac, I'd like to know what you guys think about this subject. Co-incidentally, I just ran into a Steve Jobs video from the 2nd iMac that he introduced, and he claimed that users had written to Apple about the fact that they wanted Glossy screens, and nothing else. lol...I just thought I'd mention that.

    Anyway, I didn't realize that there seem to be quite a few more glossy displays on notebooks, All-in-One's, and stand-alone monitors, than there are anti-glare (matte). Can anyone tell me what the advantages of glossy screens are? So far, I've read that they have better contrast as well as more vivid colors. I don't really need to be able to see the display in direct sunlight, which seems to be another common factor upon which a lot of people base their decisions when it comes to what type of screen to buy.

    I have no real bases for comparison, and thus far, the glossy screens that I have seen in stores often seem very reflective. What do you guys prefer and why?

    Finally, a friend of mine told me about some kind of anti-glare coating that effectively gives a glossy display a matte finish. Has anyone here tried this?

    Thanks very much for every reply! [​IMG]
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    Well the blacks look way blacker on this 27 i7 I have compared to my old G5, and I don't really mind the glossiness of the screen at all, it's absolutely stunning.

    The glossy screen on the 27 also can get away with a 2.2 gamma and look great compared to my old G5's matte screen, where if I upped it to 2.2 it looked dark-- I don't know why. One disadvantage of the glossy screen is I have to run it at 5blips on the brightness compared none on the G5 I used.

    However I personally would not do any form of glossy screen on something mobile like a laptop.
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    You have to remember that everyone's eyes are different.

    Even in a barely lit office/room, the glossiness of the iMac hurt my eyes and often caused headaches. This is the case with many people.

    With calibration, you are going to get very similar results between a glossy and matte display assuming the panel is decent (IPS, PVA, not TN, etc).

    The glossy may always have a bit more *pop* in the color, and some prefer that. Due to the way glossy/glassy displays cause strain on my eyes (and brain) I will stick to my matte displays. Aside from the obvious fact that I can't really use glossy displays, I really just prefer matte. I think it is more natural and more accurate when working on my various projects (web design, graphics, photography, etc).

    I can use a matte display far longer than a glossy display without strain and headaches.

    In regards to the comment above about blacks, that more likely has to do with the panel difference (technological advancements and type) between the G5 and the 27" iMac than with the gloss/glass.
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    My experience with glossy comes from my iPad. Absolutely sucks when I'm outside in the day and I'm trying to watch a movie on it or play a game. Web browsing is ok. In the evening once the sun has set but there is still light it's ok. Inside in a controlled environment it's fine too. Actually more than fine, it's great.

    I used to be strictly anti glare but if I were to get an iMac I wouldn't have a problem with the glossy screen because of the environment I would use it in would reduce reflections. If I were getting a notebook, anti glare all the way!

    Glossy is either great or terrible depending on your lighting conditions. Anti glare is very good all the time.

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