Glossy vs Matte screen

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Jul 8, 2007
I'd like to know the best screen choice for graphic design. I'm a junior in college studying graphic design and have heard that glossy is more color correct but warrants glare. What is the best choice for design?

I'm also going to be buying another screen because 15" obviously isn't enough. Please let me know of any monitors at a good price that have good color/features. :D


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Jan 20, 2007
Yeah search is your friend. However, you heard or remember wrong. The matte screen is actually MORE color correct as far as printing etc, however the glossy has more vibrant colors and contrast however is not as color accurate. The range of colors on the glossy is a bit misleading because of the contrast.

As you are doing graphic design and will be doin print stuff I would suggest the Matte for the color correctness. Also, ofcourse apple cinema displays would be a top choice as they are some of the most color correct and nicest lcds, but are pricey. There is a dell model that uses the same panel which is almost as good for color correctness and such, and just as good res which I have heard good things about and is cheaper.

Outside of that I would just go thte store and look at them in person then try to find the best deal online or at an open box special in store. The samsungs are nice as well as the hps, but as far as more matte finishes, I would look at Dell.

Good luck!


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Dec 5, 2005
I got the mate MBP and i could not be happier, although the matte is more color correct the glossy looks much better.
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