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    I use Gmail as an Email Server. And have recently put in into the email on my MBP but iMac seems to look for it and at the same time I get an error triangle in the top right, I have run connection Doctor and it says my password is wrong but it still retrieves mail. Also when it is looking for mail and I close Apple Mail Gmail will open it automatically. I've tried using it on manual for it to search and let me collect my Gmail separately and it seems to close ok. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and how they sorted it? I was going to try to forward mail from Gmail to Apple Mail the thing is unless I go into gmail on the web I can't send from Gmail. Anyone had this problem . I would be most obliged if they could tell me how to rectify it please.
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    I changed my password for Gmail recently and there's no obvious way in Apple Mail in El Capitan to change the password. I read that you can supposedly try to post an email and then it might prompt you, but it's freaking ridiculous that there's no longer a name/password field in the Account preferences anymore and clicking on "login failed" literally does NOTHING. Thunderbird, by comparison prompts you immediately for a new password if it fails. Apple seems to be making OS X (now "macOS", yay...not) more and more OBTUSE (wiping out GUI standards for easy of use, etc. in favor of no busy indicators, flat graphics and wiping out password fields.) "It just works" is now "It's just obtuse."

    I finally found a way to change the setting directly by going to Apple Mail --> Preferences --> Select Account --> Outgoing Mail Server (incoming is ghosted) --> Select drop Down List of Outgoing SMTP and Select "Edit SMTP Server List" --> Go To Advanced Pane --> Change password by the Name/Password fields. This seems to update the incoming password too.

    That seems like a lot of work for something that could just prompt you or bring up the relevant area if you click on "Login Failed". Apple really needs to fire whomever is in charge of quality control for OS X. It's really getting awful. Maybe instead of a promotion, they should have fired Jony Ive....

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