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Mar 18, 2009
I have my gmail account setup as exchange and all my contacts when created or deleted are reflected in my gmail contacts online. This is fine.

Now the confusing part is I have icloud backup enabled and I see contacts is turned on as well. Does this mean that the contacts get backed up to my icloud/apple id? Also in the event of I losing my access to gmail account, does this mean that I can still restore all the contacts from icloud?



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Aug 4, 2011
In the contacts app, you can see which contacts are associated with your Google Sync account, and with your iCloud account.

They probably won't be the same. I prefer one contact sync account for simplicity.

Contacts are probably not backed up to your iCloud account. They are in your Google 'cloud'.

How would you 'lose' access to your Google account?


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Feb 18, 2011
How to really sync google contacts

Trying to sync your Google account with their iPhone/iPad? Here is what you need to know!

In the past, it was recommended to set up your Google account on your iPhone as an Exchange account rather than Gmail account. This is because the Gmail account doesn't sync your contacts. Unfortunately, in a recent change (note that this post is being written mid May 2013), Google disabled support for new Exchange accounts, so while your existing Exchange account still functions (for now), a new one will not work.

To set up a Google account now, you must use the Gmail selection for Mail and Calendars. Don't bother syncing notes, Google doesn't have them. Notice there's no option for Contacts? For Contacts, add another account and select "Other" at the bottom of the list, then under Contacts, select CardDAV. Use "" for the Server. Boom - contacts sync'd and never lost. If you lose access to your Google account, ugh... maybe you should consider switching back to paper.

Finally, the colors of your calendar(s) on your phone will not be what you set up and see on the web. Sorry, that was a function of Exchange, which again, you can't have anymore. Hope this helps!
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