Gmail emails "disappearing" from Inbox and Drafts folders in Mail

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    Someone I know has a Gmail IMAP account in Mail on her Mac with OS X 10.8.4 and again and again emails "disappearing" from the Inbox and Drafts folders.

    By "disappearing" I mean that i. e. an incoming email shows up for a short time in the Inbox in the Mailboxes section of Mail (= where the Mail email accounts are) and then disappears there and can only be found in the "[Gmail]/All Mail/INBOX" section that is in the Gmail section at the end of the side bar of Mail for any IMAP account. The same sometimes happens for drafts - they are for a short time visible in the Drafts folder in the Mailboxes section, then disappear and can only be found in the "[Gmail]/Drafts" section further down. I have seen both things happen myself.

    There are no rules whatsoever in Mail and also no Filters whatsoever in the Gmail account itself.

    I am very much at a loss here and cannot explain this phenomenom - but I know that it must follow some logic law that I don't understand. The whole thing is kind of scary for this person because she is not very computer savvy.

    Is there anybody here who can explain what Gmail is doing here and how this can be controlled? Shouldn't it be so that the "upper" Inbox (in Mail) is an exact mirror of the "lower" Inbox (on the Gmail server)?

    Thanks a lot! desertman
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    Google recently rolled out a new feature that puts incoming email not 3 categories: updates, promotions and primary (not sure about the "primary" one. It may be called something else). She should log into gmail via the browser and if this is the first time doing so it'll show her a quick tutorial.

    Not sure if that's what the issue is but it's worth taking a look. She will also be able to remove those categories if she doesn't want or like them.

    As for drafts, take a look in preferences and see if drafts are set to save on gmail or locally.
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    I will look at the settings for drafts. It might be that she has different settings for different Gmail accounts and that the drafts disappear according to these settings.

    But still - the "upper" Drafts should be an exact mirror of the "lower" drafts, or do I think wrong here?

    Very mysterious are the disappearing incoming mails. I did some more research about this and found many reports from people with the same phenomenom, not only with OS X but also with other OS'es. It seems as if certain Gmail accounts are affected.

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