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    I don't understand how gmail is handling deleted messages. I essentially want a copy of ever email sent and received to be saved on the server. However, I'm not sure if I'm set up that way.

    When an email is deleted from my iPhone enterprise gmail account, does it go to all mail? If so. Does it get held on that server. Likewise. How do I get the same reactions from my mac?
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    yes if you set up gmail like this then when you delete a message on the iphone it is removed from the inbox but will be left in 'all mail' exactly how google intends it to work.

    on your pc if you use set it up for imap (then read this) then when you delete a message from the inbox (like by right clicking it, ect.) then it will go into 'all mail', and anything that you do on either device will show exactly the same on both computer and iphone aswell as in the web.

    If you actually want to delete (bin) the email then on any device simply move the email from either the 'inbox' or 'all mail' into the 'bin/trash' IMAP folder.

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