Gmail exchange: how to change "From" name?

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    I have a few gmail accounts set up on my iphone, and I cant find a setting on the phone or on gmail which will allow me to change my "from" name. When I send an email from my iPhone it has a bogus last name (I bet its my fault some years ago, with my original iPhone). It's just my iPhone. When i send an email from that account using gmail's web client, it's fine and when i send an email from the desktop client.

    I've tried deleting the account from the iphone and reinstalling it, but I'm not given a change to create the "from" name anywhere. I've also tried to sift through the settings in the gmail web client, but they all have my correct last name. So...I'm stumped. Does anyone know how to change the "from" name in gmail exchange?
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    I checked that article. All of the settings have my correct name. When I click edit info, i do find the name I'm trying to get rid of, the one with the fake last name. Hwever, that name is not selected. So basically i see the name, but its already unchecked.
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    Ok, i finally got it. That article started me in the right direction, however even though i didn't select the wrong name in gmail, the default. "google accounts" name was still the wrong name. So i changed that, and viola. Thanks!

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