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Jan 10, 2008
I just got my new 4s last week, and I've synced my Gmail through the Exchange option as per the multitude of instructions online.

However, even though I've checked Inbox, Sent Mail, and Drafts in the "Mail Folders to Push" menu, the Sent Mail folder is not syncing.

Instead of the paper airplane symbol that shown in the push menu, in my Mail folder it shows 2 'Sent Mail' folder pictures if you scroll to the bottom, but both of them are empty and will not sync any sent messages.

I've tried experimenting with going into 'Edit' and deleting the two Sent Mail folders showing, but it says "mailbox could not be deleted on the server".

Also, when I make drafts on my iPhone, they do not appear in my online Gmail - somehow they are not connecting, even though I have it checked under the 'push' menu.

(Menu Screencaps)

Any help or suggestions? Thank you


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Jul 29, 2008
London, England
I'm not an exchange user (don't even fully know what it is about) but I do use gmail across multiple devices.

I think I have found some sync issues in the past, with things not appearing where they shoud do. Drafts, Sent, Trash etc.

I think if I clicked on the "all mail" box and performed a search of the email I was looking for it would always show up there despite not always being 'where it should be'.

Might work for you, I've no idea. . . . . .
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