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gmail/google apps account suddenly not syncing properly

Rab Simpson

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Original poster
Feb 10, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this issue.

I have a number of Google Apps IMAP accounts in Mail (as well as one Gmail account, but I don't use that much) and at least two of them have stopped syncing correctly with Google's servers (messages which should be in the inbox at the top of the left side column never appear, but do show up in either 'All Mail' or 'Important' under the folders for the specific account).

This began happening yesterday. Anyone else having trouble with this?



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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
This sounds similar to an issue a friend of mine is having...says that some forwarded emails are not coming in on Mac Mail, although they're at the server and visible on his iPhone. He has no filters set up at Gmail.

I haven't had a chance to inspect his setup of Mail and the Gmail website so we haven't got it solved, yet. If we get his figured out I'll report back here.
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