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Dec 21, 2021
Hi there,

since Google’s official Gmail for iOS app introduced iOS Lock Screen Widget support recently, I‘ve been testing that feature.

But, alas, the lock screen widget most of the time doesn‘t refresh and just displays zero new e-Mails. After a delay of seemingly hours (!), sometimes the widget displays some new e-Mails, despite alredy having seen or read them in the meantime.

The enormous refresh interval/delay makes the widget pretty useless. Can you reproduce this behavior, or is the widget working properly for you, displaying accurate unread e-Mail counts?



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Dec 24, 2012
Moscow, Russia
Were you able to resolve this issue? I recently put gmail lock screen widget and it always shows 0 new messages...To my surprise this is months long issue which I assume wasn't fixed? I also have weather widget next to it and it updates just fine.
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