Gmail labels in mac mail


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Jul 17, 2008
Good evening, I have gmail with imap access via mail. With the way gmail uses labels instead of folders if I want to have rules and send mail to folders under the on my mac tab is this possible? or will this create great confusion for the imap sync. It is my understanding that a copy of the email that comes into the inbox is also in the all mail folder in gmail in mail? I say this as the only way that I can get to clear my inbox is to go to the gmail website and archive all the mail. otherwise i end up with 2 copies of each email in the all mail folder on my mac if i move them in mail.

Basically what i want to do is to set up rules to send emails to a particular folder in mail (where ever this may be, but preferable under the on my mac tab) is this possible while still having the imap sync so that I can access all my emails online when away from my mac. It doesn't matter if they aren't in specific folders when accessing it from the web. Or should i have the settings on the gmail website so that they are sent to various labels when they arrive in the inbox, which would then appear as a folder under gmail tab in mail?:)


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Apr 30, 2008
Anyone tried mailplane

Just installed mailplane from my old friend advice and it seems awsome so far. I have tried sparrow, mail, and postbox. Sparrow is to Facebookey, mail does not play well with Gmail. and postbox kept crashing. So for now mail plane has a evernote button, the phone works for gvoice, and it supports unlimited gmail accounts.. but only quirk i see is that all mail must go throug gmail...