Gmail + OSXMail Problem.

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  1. Loudcoure, Mar 12, 2013
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    Mar 12, 2013
    Hey guys, Im new to the forum and I am in need of some help. My forum name is typo'd but whatever.

    (I am running 10.8 on my mid 2010 macbook pro)
    Today I decided to use the MacMail application to replace me going to gmail to go to write emails.

    I wrote a couple of emails to some really important people today (all replies). Then I decide to check my email on gmail's website.

    I look at the emails that I wrote earlier and I see this.

    I sent this guy 1 email in OSX mail. and I check it in gmail and I see this


    I click to open it and I see 2 copies of the same email and a draft.


    Like, did it seriously send those drafts for no reason whatsoever or is it just being stupid and storing them on the server without labeling them?
    Mac Mail auto sending emails while typing durring autosave?*
    In another email, it shows that I have sent him 20 older emails ive written to OTHER people. Ive contacted the people Ive sent messages to, and asked them if they received duplicates or drafts or other emails.

    It's absolutely ridiculous and its scaring the piss out of me.

    It also shows on gmails site that ive sent a bunch of different emails to different people.
    Do you guys happen to have a solution or know the answer?

    I know that I can turn off "save drafts on server" but did it SERIOUSLY send them?

    Update: one the guys that it showed he got like 20 emails ended up not getting the 20 emails. So I think I might be ok
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    You should probably go through your settings, one by one, in your Mac Mail and also at the Gmail website.

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