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Apr 6, 2015
So everyone said they with ios 11 Apple fixed gmail so that, instead of using the gmail app on iPhone, you can use native email and get messages as fast as the gmail app provides.

Sure enough there is a new option to use where it fetches email automatically vs setting up 15 min increments.

Good news is, on my iPad, it works great with iOS 11.

On my 7+? Um. Nope. All setting are identical between iPad and iPhone and still no dice.

Both are on WiFi since it says that needs to happen and the iPhone not only doesn’t push it automatically when received but if you leave automatically checked off, it will take sometimes over an HOUR to come through.

I really want to use the native mail app on iPhone but looks like I’m going to go back to the gmail app for now unless I’m not doing something right?

Again. Working on iPad. Not on iPhone.


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Sep 29, 2009
It is still fetching e-mail from the server i.e. NOT push. iOS just fetches more frequently when you're connected to WiFi (and power?).


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May 27, 2009
yea i posted in another thread about this, i changed it to 15min so that itll fetch on data, but i may just end up using the gmail app
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